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Universal Chef 12V / 20A Car & Inverter Battery Charger

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Compared with original battery charger, the has features as follow:

Long service life

Variety of rare earth element have been added to the internal grids, which will result in a 25% rise in service life. The enhanced grid will become somewhat immune to corrosion.

Green and environment protection

The laminated sealing tech will 100% insulate acid leakage of batteries and effectively prevent the acid fog from polluting environment.

High reliability

It adopts advanced assembly technology combining with precise quality management system to improve the shock resistance of the batteries and effectively avoid failures caused by cold solder or false solder or vibration during transportation and use.

Small internal resistance and high homogeneity

It adopts clapboards with special fine fibers to expand the reaction area of positive and negative plates, which greatly reduce the internal resistance of the batteries and avoid rising resistance caused by the reduction of fatigue durability during using.

It adopts (50-60KPS) assembly pressure to effectively minimize the abnormal increase of internal resistance of the batteries that is caused by the reduction of plate group pressure after acid filling

The high equality of internal resistance greatly improves the homogeneity of storage batteries in use.




The MA series lead-acid battery charger is professional design according to the power battery of electric vehicles equipment. It uses the advanced soft switch technology, with small size, high conversion efficiency, running full loading for a long time, stable output current, high reliability, long service life, easy operation,etc. With short-circuited protection, low-voltage protection, over-heated protection. The long delay digital counter can ensure the battery from the constant voltage to the float charge reliably every time.


1. High performance and good stableness.


2. Suitable for inverter battery for charging.


3. Direct Cigarette lighter connection.


4. Smart and easy to carry.


5. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs.



Product Type: Battery Charger 
Model No: MA-1220 12V20A 
Package: standard exporting boxes

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