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Universal Chef 18" Rechargeable Standing Fan with Remote Control

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The universal 18” rechargeable fan has dual functionality‎;‎ it operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time‎.‎ So when power goes off‎,‎ it won‎'‎t stop working‎,‎ it switches to battery mode and continues working for several hours‎.‎ You are assured of fresh air all day long‎.‎ It is very reliable and efficient‎.‎ This rechargeable fan was made with your comfort in mind‎.‎ Like they say necessity is the mother of invention‎.‎ We live in a very hot climate with epileptic power supply‎,‎ so it became a necessity to have an innovative that product will provide us with fresh air round the clock for our comfort in such a harsh weather condition‎.‎ This prompted Haris to take the bull by the horn and design an affordable rechargeable fan for everyone‎.‎ The 18” rechargeable fan works up to 7 hours without power‎,‎ enjoy a night of sleep with fresh air‎,‎ no more complains about heat‎.‎ You can use this fan indoor and outdoor as the occasion requires‎.‎ It is made of durable materials‎,‎ this will ensure that it last long and you get value for your money‎.‎ This rechargeable fan is very affordable‎,‎ energy efficient and it operates quietly‎,‎ even at high speed‎.‎

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