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Universal Chef 6 Pcs Pop Up Spice Rack

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Solo spices just arent as good as when theyre put together, as evidenced by the disbanding of the Spice Girls. Keep several spices in one place with a Pop-Up Spice Rack Set.

Adding a little extra flavor to a dish doesnt take much effort, but having to hunt down ingredients at the back of a packed kitchen cupboard does. A fun, convenient way to store spices is to put em all in a little treea tree-like spice rack, that is.

The six-piece set has see-through containers with green pop-up rubber lids that keep unfresh air out and full flavor in. Plus they are easy to use. The spice containers hang from the branches of the main stand, suspended from a surface, so they dont add to the crowd of appliances and doodads on the kitchen counter.

6-piece set with pop-up rubber lids
A stylish rack with an elegant design for a sleek and modern look
Convenient see-through container adds visual appeal
A must-have accessory for every kitchen
Each container holds up to 4oz of your favorite spices

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