Universal Chef Dominion Through Friendship with The Holy Spirit

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If you are not spending quality time with God, you are not spending your time well. If God doesn't have a lion share of your time, He doesn't have a lion share of your life. To do great things for you and with you, God must have your attention and affection. You can be Spirit-filled and not be useful. But, you cannot be yielded to the Holy Spirit and be useless. To enjoy the ministry of the Spirit, you must perform your ministry to the Spirit.

To know God intimately, we must seek Him diligently. This book will challenge and equip you to develop a strong friendship with God. The only way to develop strong friendship with God is through constant conversations with the Holy Spirit. I hear the Spirit saying, “No friendship, no rulership”. Supernatural dominion flows from supernatural communion. This book will set your spiritual life on fire and make you a diligent seeker of God.

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