Universal Chef Freedom From Fear & Worry

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Fearfulness is a sin. “fear ye not…”, is not a suggestion. It is a divine instruction. If you are accommodating any kind of fear in your life, you are living in sin, you are rebelling against a divine instruction. Fear is faith in the devil. It is faith in the lies of the devil. We receive by faith from God, we also receive by fear from satan. Just as you can “faith” things into your life, you can “fear” things into your life. The strength of the oppressor is the fear of the oppressed. When you remove fear from the oppressed, you disarm the oppressor. If satan cannot terrify you, he cannot torment you. Only the terrified becomes the tormented.

Whenever you sense or feel fear, the enemy is attacking you. If you are not resisting fear, you are not resisting satan. Satan is the spirit of fear. You resist him by resisting fear.

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