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Veho Sports Earphones - ZS-2

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Brand: Veho
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The earphones are small, lightweight and designed for those with an active lifestyle. That’s all well and good, but how do they sound?

There seems to an ever-growing number of gadgets aimed at those with gym-memberships – special shoes and an impressive array of sports under and overwear designed to get the best out of sports people, not to mention all of those tracking devices now a standard feature in , and .

The fact of the matter is, like all those tracksuits worn for comfortably slobbing on the couch, most won’t even get to see a bead of sweat, let alone an enthusiastic half-marathon.

What I am trying to say is that, all the fitness stuff aside, earphones have to sound good else everything else is just pointless.

Veho ZS- 2 sports earphones design

The Veho ZS-2s earphones come in a water, rain and sweat resistant body attached to a natty black/yellow cord. Yes, they are IP64 rated, which means that these sports earphones are totally protected from dust ingress and water spray from any direction.

The cable features a flat anti-tangle durable chord system, and the soft rubbery hook design means that the Veho earbuds will fit comfortably and keep the business end in your ears.

I can report that these are indeed comfortable to wear, even with glasses.

The earbuds themselves are fitted with non-slip caps and do a decent job of staying put as well as isolating you for most external noises. Both are plus points during a vigorous workout in the gym… I should imagine.

Another plus point regarding the fitting of these sports earphones is that the cable enters at the earpiece which allows the base of the over-ear hook to be articulated. This adds to the ease of getting a nice, comfortable fit no matter what shape your head and/or ears are.

There’s a little clip which also has a recess to slip the cables through to keep them out of the way and the Veho logo-emblazoned rubber rectangle on the cables allows you to take up any slack, again to prevent you getting tangled.

Veho ZS- 2 sports earphones sound and use

Having earphones that can withstand sweaty workouts means nothing if your favourite tracks sound like a drunk shouting in to a tin can.

When I first started testing out the Veho ZS-2 360s the bass seemed very light. Thankfully, after a few hours, the buds seemed to loosen up in the low end and things became more enjoyable.

The 10mm acoustic drivers put out a crisp sound that tends to lean more towards aggressive mids. Treble is clear and not too harsh and the bass gets a decent look in too. If they allow more bass after a few more listens then that would be great for those that need the low-end pumping as they’re pounding the streets. For me, I think they capable for most forms of music.

Not being a fan of earphones I was reacquainted with one of their benefits. The ZS-2s are incredibly light and can be bundled up in to the smallest of pockets. Very useful for the warm days we’ve had recently where jackets are not required.ead off to feel the burn, or whatever it is that you fitness types do

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