Vgate iCar WIFI ELM327 2016 - OBD2 Code Reader For Android, PC, iPhone, iPad

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Vgate iCar OBDII WIFI Car Diagnostic Reader is a fast and efficient way to self diagnose problems with your vehicle’s engine and it also has Bluetooth for connecting Android or PC devices and wifi for IPAD aon Iphones

Vgate iCar OBDII Car Diagnostic Reader

The iCar OBDII scan tool from Vgate is a high-quality automotive scanning tool that supports all OBD-II protocols, including SAE J1850 PWM(41.6K baud), SAE J1850 VPW(10.4K baud), ISO9141-2(5 baud init, 10.4K baud) and USER2 CAN(11 bit ID, 50K baud). You can use the Vgate iCar OBDII scan tool as a way to self diagnose issues with your vehicle so that you know what needs to be done next time you visit a mechanic. You plug it in using its 16 pin interface directly on to the OBDII cable and will never need to unplug it. Also, it is small and has a compact structure, so it won't take up much space. As it uses Bluetooth version 2.0, you have a stable wireless connectivity range of around 5 to 10 meters. Plus it does not require any wires or batteries since the adapter is powered by the diagnosis socket.
Top 11 Reasons to Get VGATE Wifi ELM327:
  • 1. Version: v1.5
  • 2. For Android PC For iPhone iPad
  • 3. Fully compatible with ELM327 V1.4b.
  • 4. All ELM327 supported software are available to use.
  • 5. Faster than ELM327 four times or higher. (ELM327 is RISC 8bit 44MHz MCU, iCar is ARM 16bit MCU)
  • 6. Built in power switch.
  • 7. Low standby power consumption sleep mode.
  • 8. Lower power consumption than ELM327
  • 9. LED indicator is in the front side toward user for easier check of linking status.
  • 10.  Support J1939 protocol more than ELM327.
  • 11. WiFi 802.11 b/g and encrypted for better security.

Due to the android diagnostic software becomes heavier to run, suggest to use on smart phone with CPU 800Mhz or higher, 1GHz recommended.

Product Specifications:

  • OBDII decode chip: ARM 16bit MCU
  • Firmware: ELM327 Version 1.4b compatible
  • Transfer baud rate: 4800 / 9600 / 10400 / 38400 / 500K
  • Input interface: OBDII male 16pin
  • Output interface: Wifi 802.11 b/g
  • LED Indicator: Power(red) / OBD(green) / Link(blue) (PC or smart phone)
  • Operating Voltage: 12V, including over voltage /shortage protection
  • Nominal Idle current: 45mA
  • Net Weight: 31g
  • Gross Weight: 60g
  • Wire Length: 0 cm
  • Password: See item label
  • IP:
  • HTTP local port: 35000
  • Encryption: WEP128
  • Power: supplied by car OBD socket
1 Keep car key at off position
2. Plug the Vgate scantool into Car OBDII female socket.
 OBD2 socket is usually below the driving wheel.
 The Vgate should blink all 3 LEDs and off again.
Only red power LED remains on.
 3. Insert car key.
 4. Switch car key to Accessory ON position,
5. Turn on WiFi of PCtebook/smart phone.
 Check Windows control panel>wireless network>Setting>Advanced>Wireless mode>IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
 Check android wifi setting, turn off existing link.
 Check iPhone Wi-Fi networks, turn off existing link.
6. Scan the Vgate wifi device from your Desktop/Notebook PC/PDA/phone.
 The Vgate blue LED should be on now. Otherwise, the device doesn't respond to the scanning.
7. For Windows/Android,
 If SSID is "VGATE", it is DHCP mode, not need to set up.
 If SSID is "BUYOBD", enter 13 digits password shown on the label of the white plastic case.
 IP: select "Fixed", and enter ""
 Subnet mask: enter ""
DNS: keep blank
For iPhone/iPad:
 If SSID is "VGATE", it is DHCP mode, not need to set up.
 If SSID is "BUYOBD", enter 13 digits password shown on the label of the white plastic case.
 IP: change from "DHCP" to "Fixed"!
 IP: enter "" or later
 Subnet mask: enter ""
 HTTP local port: enter "35000"
 8. App setup: select Vgate device as KiWi wifi or ELM327.
 Click link, app will build a link to Vgate.
 App may take time for scaning vehicle protocol less than a minute or so.
 App starts to show static data once recognize the protocol and has correct table of associated sensor.
 The Vgate green LED should be blinking now.
 The faster data rate the protocol is, the the faster the green LED blinks.
 Turn off the app, not  minimize", if app fails to link and doesn't show data. Start another app and try again.
 Some vehicles may have to turn car key to "ON/Start" position to activate car ECU.
 Turn car key to "ON/Start" position to read real-time data.
 Communication Protocol
with carista android app you can use it to scan engine, ABS, SRS and Transmission.

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