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VisiCook Airchef Airfryer

Product Code: 1985142
Brand: VisiCook
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Amost anything you can cook in a regular fan assisted oven, you can cook in Visicook Airchef - and normally faster and therefore cheaper. In typical use, it will use less than 1 unit of electricity per hour. You save on the heat-up time of a conventional oven's cavity (of course, the Airchef needs to heat-up, but it is so fast and efficient) and the halogen heating and specially tuned fan system gives superb cooking results time after time. As a rule of thumb, use the same temperatures as you would in a fan-assisted oven..but maybe half or two-thirds the time. Always cook using the rack provided (so the hot air circulates around your food) or with the rotisserie and Rotofry basket provided. Oh, did we mention?

The Airchef can do rotisserie cooking (a powered rotating spit) and also has a Rotorfry basket in which potato chips can be tumble cooked in hot air. The standard accessories comprise the cooking rack, Rotorfry cooking basket, rotisserie and forks, tongs and cooking stand for these accessories after use. The Airchef features the EasyClean bowl - it easily removes for cleaning (it's dishwasher safe) and at 10L capacity, you can easily cater for a family sized meal. The rotisserie and Rotofry basket are easy to clean, too, in dishwasher or by hand. Want to learn more? See video here...(note that the steak cage and multi-skewer accessory are not standard accessories; the steak cage is available as an accessory (see related products, the multi-skewer accessory will be added when it's available).

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