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WD External Hard Drive - 1TB

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Brand: WD
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Key Features USB 3.0 connectivity 1 Terabyte of data Automatic and cloud backup Portable and convenient Password protection Hardware encryption Windows 8 Black Western Digital 1TB Portable External Hard drive will take care of all your storage needs‎,‎ it has a pocket size design that makes it easy for you to move around‎.‎ This hard drive will allow you have enough space on your laptop or desktop computer‎.‎ It gives you the opportunity to always have all your files‎,‎ pictures‎,‎ songs‎,‎ video files and documents with you at all times‎.‎

This sleek and handy external hard drive is very safe for all your files and documents‎;‎ you can retrieve them anytime you want‎.‎ The hard drive automatically store up to 20GB of your documents in drop box and it syncs once it is connected‎.‎ The black colour hard drive runs on the efficient windows 8 operating system‎.‎ Western Digital portable external hard drive is ergonomically designed with a streamlined strong casing that is durable and stylish‎.‎ This 1TB hard disk will hold thousands of your documents thereby freeing up space for you on your PC‎.‎ Too much files and applications will slow down your system preventing it from working effectively‎.‎ The external hard drive will give unlimited storage‎,‎ it has no compatibility issues‎.‎ Sharing and transferring data and files is very easy‎;‎ it has a fast transfer speed‎.‎ It has a password protection and hardware encryption that ensures the hard disk and all its content are well protected unauthorized access‎.‎

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