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Product Description

Wireless bluetooth barcode scanner provide an easy and fast method of data entry and storage for computerized information systems.
-The wireless bluetooth barcode scanner we are offering now can be integrated into many computer systems.This wireless bluetooth barcode scanner has the advantages of   easy operation and  low error rate.It'll be a good partner with you.
-Powerful decoding function, which  realizes that the barcode scanner can read codes better and faster in many places,such as    warehouse,supermarket,hotel,department,barcodes and so on.
-This wireless bluetooth barcode scanner can be set easily  when being used, and get rid of the trouble about complicated set of some barcode scanner in the current    places, and  be mastered easily by the user.

NT-2028 Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner for Stock or Supermarket Scan All 1D Bar code 

Specifications (NT-2028) 
1.300-500 wireless transmission 
2. USB data receiver 
3. Fast and accurate 
4. Stores bar code scanner 

Technical Details 
Type: Barcode Scanner, stores bar code scanner 
Scan Element Type: Laser 
Colour Depth: 32 Bit 
Interface Type: USB, COM, PS/2 
Max Paper Size: Stores bar code scanner 
Optical Resolution: 4 mil 
Scan Speed: 120 times/s 
Brand Name: Netum 
Model Number: NT-2028 
Depth of scan speed: 10-800mm 
Warranty: 24 months 
Power: DV 5V/120mA 
Scan model: Single line 
Decode Error Rate: Less than 1/5 million 
Light Intensity: Day light, 5000 Lux, Max 
Size: 170*75*106

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