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Zobo Washable Healthy Super Filter Cigarette Holder

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This is a brand new Zobo Cigarette Filter, this Smoke Filter Holder is comfortable holder design and Efficiently filter reduces health risks introduced by smoking cigarettes. This kind of Cigarette Filter Holder can absorb many harmful ingredients of cigarette including tar and nicotine, so as to reduce lung cancer and respiratory diseases happening in the body. This Cigarette Filter Holder effectively relieve symptoms such as much sputum shortness of breath Great chock. it is a highly quality deluxe filter cigarette holder It is exactly a healthy necessity for smoking man With its feature of recycling use this cigarette holder filter could filter out tar and nicotine. The antique cigarette holder will bring you, your friends and your family a healthy life More.
A great gift for a friend who love smoking.

Benefits of using a cigarette holder

  • Mouthpiece can filter cigarette tar and nicotine, reducing the harm of smoking on the body.
  • With cigarette holder smoking, reducing tooth yellow and black, white teeth, maintain oral health
  • With cigarette holder smoking, make you more noble
  • This type of cleaning product is a cigarette holder, can be reused.
  • Circulating cigarette holder for filtration adopts the pneumatic jet principle. Cigarette smoke at high speed through two small holes running into the cigarette tube wall, which will cause tar deposition, coagulation and maintain a high efficiency so that the tar-filtering functionality is achieved.
  • Filter purely physical principles, and no chemical filtration matters.
  • Note: smoking 5-15 cigarettes, the filter must be cleaned. In the cleaning process, please pull out the right rotary tube and mouthpiece dipped cigarettes holderwall internal filter into warm water.
  • If the air hole is blocked, the cleaning needle can be used to remove the block. When storing the cigarette holder, please clean out the tar in the filter and keep it away from chlidren.

Maintenance steps 

1. After smoking 5-15 cigarettes, remove the filter, filled into the warm water, it is effective to wash out the smoke tar

2. Use clean needles to eliminate the block, if pores are blocked

3. Keep away from children!



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