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Zoomies – Hands Free Eyeglass Binocular Sunglasses

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1.Provides 400% zoomed-in view with turn of a dial
2.Simply move your head to follow the action up close
3.Compact and fit in pocket or purse
4.Easy on,easy off sunshade lens built-in
5.Includes lanyard and protective carrying case
6.No need for bulky binoculars or magnifying glasses
7.Great for bird watching,sporting events,concerts & more
8.Also great for reading,sewing,crafts,watching TV & more

You want a closer look but the naked eye can only see so much, Squinting doesn’t help and binoculars are big, bulky and expensive. Introducing Zoomies, the compact powerful hands-free binoculars you wear like sunglasses. Zoomies gives you instant 400% magnification that brings everything up close. With Zoomies enjoy Mother Nuture up close or use at sporting events. Say goodbye to heavy bincoulars that are hard to carry and can cause neck strain, Zoomies are so light you might even forget you have them on! You can also switch on the included sun shade to eliminate sunglare without having to put on sunglass. See what you have been missing and zoom in on the action with Zoomies.

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