Review Submission Guidelines

We care about your opinion

Konga wants buyers like you to have the information they need to choose the right products and sellers. You can help by logging into your Konga account and providing your honest opinions on your 'My Reviews’ page. Your reviews, whether positive or negative, can help other buyers make smart choices. Konga also relies on your reviews, along with other feedback mechanisms, to maintain the overall quality of the Konga marketplace.

Restrictions on reviews

Konga appreciates all buyers who take the time to review products/sellers, and we generally do not remove reviews because we know they are very important to both our buyer and seller communities. However, we reserve the right to remove and/or filter the few reviews that include any of the following:

  • Obscene, profane, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate language, as determined by Konga
  • Promotion of illegal conduct
  • Phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information
  • Advertisements, or other promotional material
  • Off-topic information that is not relevant to the product or seller

Other comments

If you have opinions about an order that do not fit the review format, please email at or call 01 460 5555 or 0809 460 5555. However, if you suspect that an item sold to you may be counterfeit or that a seller you purchased from may be fraudulent, please contact directly.

By rating and reviewing, you can make your voice heard while helping other buyers stay safe and choose the most trustworthy products and sellers. Thank you for your contributions -- with your help and the help of other community members, Konga will continue to be the safest and most trusted place to buy and sell online in Nigeria.