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With the Seller Academy Programme, we intend to provide a unique opportunity for sellers to break away from the conventional selling patterns and make unlimited sales profit while enjoying the dynamic selling processes on Konga Mall towards pushing sales from their stores while benefitting immensely from these several programmes’ benefit. Our various learning tips, ideas and sales opportunities will directly impact both sellers and buyers and will play a pivotal role in further driving the success of Konga Mall into a promising yet fast growing eCommerce market.

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Sign up to the Konga Mall, sell a certain minimum of products within the first 3 months and Get 24 hours Twitter product advert from @shopkonga


Register a competitive promotional offer with over 20 product sales during this offer and get a 2 day free Facebook product posting out (our page is


Sell to over 100 customers in your first quarter with Konga Mall and earn a free homepage product posting and also have your most sold product promoted through our newsletter to millions of our customers.


Register for more than 10 paid learning materials and qualify for a weekend product posting in our newsletters and homepage A-banner.


Refer up to 20 new sellers and qualify for a 3-day product posting via our Facebook page when each seller makes their first sale.