Learning Tips
Learning the Art of Selling
Existing Customers are Vital to Your Store's Success
It is natural for new store owners to be obsessed with getting as many new customers as possible. We need customer to grow our businesses. However, we should not neglect our existing customers, be willing to share their experiences with them as they can be a critical mouthpiece to your store.
Keep Your Customers Hooked on Good Service
New store owners should recognize the 24-hour potential of the store. It's great to wake up and see orders that have accumulated overnight from buyers. It is important to set up good customer service so that these customers do not feel neglected. Be available to check your store at all time, it pays off in the long run with customers coming back.
Keep Your Online Store Evolving
Do not just stop at listing your products. You should maintain your store after it has gone live by constantly updating your SHQ account with necessary information, update your inventory as often as possible making sure you are not out of stock of the items you live on the site. Always refresh your product content and images.
Experiment for Success
Don't be afraid to try something new. Just be careful that you don't throw a lot of money into something that isn't yet proven. Try new products, new categories, new sources, new titles, and so on. Konga is still growing and evolving. The rules change weekly. Don't be afraid to be a pioneer—just use a little caution when it comes to spending large amounts of money.
Choosing a Category
You are excited about your merchandise and ready to start selling it. The next step is to list your products: In listing your products you must ensure the right category for your product is chosen, this will ensure your products visibility.. Considering Konga has a lot of categories to choose from, this should be a relatively easy process. It is very important to be in the right category. Konga will often move (or cancel) your listing if it is in the wrong place.
Turn Your Inventory Over Often
How many times you can turn your inventory over is the key to making high profits. Too many sellers get stuck with something that won't sell at a profit and they keep relisting and relisting until some day it eventually sells. In the meantime, they could have sold it at cost, and put the money into something that will turn over rapidly. Rapid turnover and re-investing your money back into more products is one of the long-term keys to successful selling online.
Always fill out Item Specifics
The Best and cheapest way to win new customers is by ensuring you give all your existing customers great customer service. A satisfied customer will always recommend your store to other people.
Winning New Customers
When listing your items, ensure you fill out the item specifics. For example if you are selling a dress, the item description should include the material, size and colour of the item. This will also ensure your items appear in search engines.
Participate in Promotions
The easiest way to increase sales is to cut prices.Everyone loves “Freebies”. Ensure you participate in as many promotions as you can. This is also a great way to drive traffic to your store and win new customers.
Provide Incentives for Customers to Return to Your Store
Repeat business plays a big part in the success of many online stores. If someone has purchased something from your store in the past, you can assume they have an interest in what you sell. So, give them a reason to come back.
Facebook Advertising
Is really good at driving customers to your Facebook page. Ensure your adverts are targeted to only people of the right demographic. Always make sure to include an image and a link to your store as part of any Facebook advert.
Remember Your Existing Customers
Once your online shop is up and running, remember that existing customers are your best customers and a great form of marketing. Use special offers to encourage them to re-visit your online store. You could also offer them an incentive to refer you to other would be customers.
Social Media Savvy
Ensure you have a blog or visit other popular blog sites regularly where you talk about your product range, and price discounts and offers. You could also blog about exciting new products that you will be stocking soon.
Good Knowledge of Your Product
Get to know as much as you can about the products you offer. The weight, size, various ways the product can be used. When you have 100% information on your products, you can offer money back guarantee. Which is also a great incentive for buyers to purchase from your store.
More on Good images and videos
The quality of your pictures videos will influence how visitors feel about your product. Never underestimate the value of making prospective buyers feel the benefits of your product. Use high-quality pictures. Get photographs that create an atmosphere, that make prospects feel something. Those will make more sales. Though expensive, it’s a good investment for your best products. Video can work even better.
More on Good Product Description
A good product description will virtually increase the chances of the page being in the top 10 of a search engine query, even in the case of low-frequency queries. So be sure to add a description to the item card; do not kill your page’s chances. Ensure you write quality descriptive content that helps your customers make purchasing decisions. You may want to test what description word count helps with purchase conversion. Too much content might hurt.
More on Good Product Title
Ensure you play the Word Game. Much like the rest of your website, the wording of your product pages is hugely important in terms of search engine optimization. Keywords relevant to your product should be included in both the title and META description. Here is an example of a product with a good title “Curren Unisex Black Dial Unisex Military Leather Watch”
Package Professionally
No buyer would like to receive their order in a battered worn-out box. Ensure you take the time to pack your sales carefully. Invest in bubble wraps, branded nylons, cartons e.t.c. Many of these supplies can be sourced from local gift shops. Remember, the key to increasing buyer satisfaction is in ensuring neat delivery. Even without the fancy packaging, you can still achieve great packaging.
Be Transparent to Avoid Misunderstandingss
Spell out everything you do. How much do you charge for shipping? How will you ship the item? What is your return policy? The more information you give a buyer before they make the purchase, the better the sales experience will be for your buyer and you. Remember to sound polite and friendly when exchanging information to your buyers and be willing to listen to their feedback.
Don't Overcharge for Shipping
Overcharging for shipping is one of the leading causes of negative feedback. You should only charge what it normally costs you to pack and ship. Buyers are sensitive in this area. They know when you are making a profit on shipping as most courier services charge within the same range for various products. You can charge a small premium to cover your cost of handling and shipping materials, but it should be reasonable.
Write Complete Item Descriptions
Ensure your item descriptions remain as complete as possible. Always include all relevant details such as the product’s condition, size, weight, age, collectability, etc. Something you think isn't important could actually be very important to someone else. Describe your item's condition, talk about its benefits and uses and keep writing until you run out of something to say. Some people believe that short descriptions are better than long ones but most buyers believe longer descriptions show the seller has an idea what is being sold and is being sincere.
Keep Your Customers Happy
Customers want three things: instant gratification, clear, fast communications and to get what they were promised. Therefore you should: answer your emails immediately, avoid over-promising or falsely describing an item, ensure you package your items carefully and professionally, and lastly, consider tossing in something for free. It’s the easiest way to win your buyers fast.
Have A Return Policy
When you offer money back guarantee on everything you sell, this will dramatically increase your sales. Even unhappy customers rarely go through the trouble of sending something back. The increase in sales will cover up for the cost involved in items being returned. At the very least you may offer a guarantee on the item delivered if it is not exactly as described or photographed.
Tidy Up Your Item Description
A good product title and great item description is where it all begins. Your product title is your greatest form of advertisement and your item description is your deal closer. How your potential buyers perceive you and your product is everything. Konga gives you 150 characters to write your description, so make sure to use all the important keywords of your product size, colour e.t.c
Master Your Niche
As a seller looking to make a difference, you must be able to define your market. This will help you understand your target buyers and the types of products to market to them, this move will certainly put you ahead of your competitors on the mall. To be able to master your market and understand your target buyers, find a niche you understand or have interest in building, start with a small niche –or several small niches that you can dominate as the benefits from becoming specialized are endless. If you know more about your product area, you will be able to buy at better prices and people who know you specialize in a particular product area will be more comfortable buying from you.
Build Your Store Credibility
When dealing with buyers there are a few habits you just have to adopt. Being trustworthy is a habit that is essential to becoming a successful online seller. Your store credibility will contribute to the fast progress of your business as buyers will only shop from sellers with high level of credibility. You can do this through presenting yourself positively through customer feedback and being passionately devoted to your business. This includes your customers. To build a high store credibility, consider including a photo of your store logo or banner when listing, follow up with your customers by giving them a call often as this will help humanize the online experience with your buyer
Be a Konga Star Seller- Give Great Customer Service
Sellers who provide great customer service can see results in good feedback and repeat sales from buyers. Here are some selling tips that can help bring buyers back to your store for more: Respond to your buyers’ inquiries within 24 hours. Ensure that communication between you and a buyer is always courteous as customers remember sellers who treat them well and sellers who don’t. To add a personal touch, contact your buyers once they have received their items and confirm whether they liked the product they received, thanking them for shopping with you.
Here’s How to Avoid Negative Feedback like a Pro
Buyers are less likely to leave negative feedback on your store page when you excel at these three important rules of selling online: Ship exactly what the buyer ordered. If you no longer offer the exact products you originally listed, it is in your best interest to keep your listings up to date and accurate, including the product images. Ship the order on time, especially during any festive period as this matters to buyers more than ever. Confirm the shipment as Konga buyers like to know when and how their orders were shipped. When you confirm a shipment, Konga notifies the buyer via e-mail that their order is on its way.
Basics of Online Successful Selling
Whether you're a casual seller, or looking to build a huge online business, you will first need to master the "basics" of successful online selling. The Konga Mall tips, techniques, and suggestions are a good start—but it's just the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn to increase your Mall success.
Buy on Konga before You Sell on Konga
As a seller, it is advisable to buy from the Konga Mall to understand how the platform works and what Konga Mall looks like from the buyer's point of view. To succeed immensely on the Konga Mall, you need to learn how to be a buyer so you can satisfy your buyers immensely when you begin to sell.
Knowing What to Sell- Is It a Gift?
The vast majority of what is sold online can be given as a gift to a loved one. Hence, as an online seller, ensure your products fit in with key seasonal festivities such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter. This will ensure that you get more sales throughout the year. It is also good to have products that can be personalized in a certain way e.g. with names or dates. Gifts for men, boys and newly wedded couples are also popular categories. Ensure you make your products more ‘giftable’ through nice presentation or boxes, and show your packaging in your images as well as this will give your buyer an idea of the end result of the packaging of such gift items
Basics of Online Successful Selling- Learn to Sell on Konga by selling on Konga
The best way to start selling on Konga is to actually start selling on Konga. Yes, there are some things to learn, but take your time, watch our Video Tutorials on how to sell on Konga, read our learning tips and just start selling. You will make some mistakes—as most businesses do at the early stage. But don't get frustrated or give up. You will get better with experience. Also, selling will make you a better buyer as you will understand things from the seller's point of view and learn other ways to spot good offers.
Master Niche Marketing and Specialize for Success
This is home plate for your success strategy. Find your own niche and define your market on the Konga Mall. This will help you know the type of buyers you're going to be selling to and the types of product you want to sell. You will also have less competition when you choose to focus on a category rather than sell across all categories on the Konga Mall. Along with being in a superior position to take advantage of repeat business, the benefits from becoming specialized are endless. If you know more about your product area, you will be able to buy at better prices and people who sense you specialize in something will be more comfortable buying from you.
Become An Expert In Your Field
Become an authority on what you do in your online store. It doesn’t matter if you sell ink cartridges or silverware-- you want to be thought of before anyone else. When you become an authority in your field, a whole new universe of business and opportunity is opened up to you. You want to earn a superior type of position in the minds of your buyers who are aware of your store and your expertise of all products that come out from your store. This gives you product credibility in the long run. Remove every doubt about your credibility. You can do this through presenting yourself positively through your feedback, being passionately devoted to your online store business and by being an expert. Also continue your online seller academy education. Read our e-books and video tutorials, visit the Training Manual page, attend our seminar when we organize one, and basically keep learning all the time.
Stand Behind Your Products
We offer a return guarantee on everything we sell on Konga Mall. This has been our practice since our first day on the Konga Mall. The simple offer of a satisfaction guarantee will dramatically increase your sales. Even unhappy people rarely go to the trouble of sending something back. The cost of providing the few refunds will be far out weighted by the increased volume of your sales. At the very least offer a guarantee that your items are exactly as described and you will give a full refund if they are not. This is why you should ensure the product you are shipping to your buyer is exactly as described in your description corner.
Write Complete Item Descriptions
Make your item description as complete as possible. Include all relevant details: size, weight, available color, long usage requirements, any shortcomings that may arise due to poor use, etc. Something you think isn't important could actually be very important to someone else. Describe your item's condition, talk about its benefits and uses and keep writing until you run out of something to say. Some people believe that short descriptions are better than long ones and they may be right. However statistics have proven that longer descriptions result in more sales as people tend to believe a longer description has nothing to hide. Also be sure to use all the relevant product keywords in your titles by trying to figure out what keywords people will type into a search box when they are looking for your item. If it comes in colors or sizes, include it in your description.
Experiment for Success
Don't be afraid to try something new. Just be careful that you don't throw a lot of money into something that isn't yet proven. Try new products, new categories, new sources, new titles, and so on. The Konga Mall is the largest online mall in Nigeria yet is nowhere near being a mature marketplace. It is still growing and evolving. The rules change weekly. Don't be afraid to be a pioneer—just use a little caution when it comes to spending large amounts of money.
Choosing the Appropriate Category
You have put a lot of thought into your product and completed the introspective phase of getting started. You are excited about your merchandise and ready to start selling it. The next step is to find your niche market: this refers to the category you will list your item(s) in. Considering Konga has several categories to choose from, this should be a relatively easy process. But remember that your buyers will narrow down the search results by categories, and the most relevant with matching keywords show up at the top. So, make sure you are using the most relevant category that your product belongs to as this would also help in pushing out your products for advertisement at the discretion of our ad team should you have your products in the appropriate category.
Turn Your Inventory Often
How many times you can turn your inventory over is the key to making high profits. Too many sellers get stuck with something that won't sell at a profit and they keep relisting and relisting until some day it eventually sells. In the meantime, they could have sold the product at a lesser cost, and put the money into something that will turn over rapidly. Rapid turnover and re-investing your money back into more products is one of the long-term keys to success on Konga Mall.
E-Learning Tips for Sellers
Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right. Buying and selling online was once reserved for the tech savvy, but it’s now expected by customers and therefore a necessity for businesses. Benefit from Konga Seller Academy Learning Tips to make progress with your online store.
Product Page Layout
Don’t be afraid of having too much information about a product on one page. Remember, you are looking to answer your potential customer’s objections as to why they should buy your product at each stage, so the more information the better.
Invest In Customer Service
Maintain outstanding customer service. It’s not enough to just respond to every customer’s query on your products ordered for it must be replicated in the real world.  You should gain an innate understanding of what your customers want and how to connect to them. Do a lot of research around the demand for a certain product. Then, establish a supply chain to make sure that you’ve got good supplies.
Become an Expert In Your Niche
No matter what you sell, the fastest way to product sourcing success is to become knowledgeable in your products area, your category and your product line. Without an in-depth knowledge of the niche you sell in, an understanding of your target customer market and the products that are available in this niche, you’ll be at a disadvantage when it comes to bringing in-demand merchandise into your store. As an online seller, your primary key to success is to provide your customers with product selection, to become a destination site in your category or niche. And that means offering your buyers products they won’t find at their local store. Become an expert in the category you sell in and in the people who are interested in buying those products
Focus On Product Descriptions
Write your own product descriptions as this will help you to stand out from your competitors. Consumers are always reassured by recommendations and therefore more inclined to purchase a product that has personalized description that suggests the writer has experienced the use of the product and it doesn’t matter if the writer is the same as the seller.
Sourcing For the Right Products
Your product line is the engine of your business. Without the right products to sell, all the best marketing efforts and top selling strategies won’t result in a consistent online income.
Knowing how to source products successfully is at the centre of every profitable online business. Yet the matter of “what to sell” or “what else to sell” is the No. 1 question for experienced sellers. Because even though there are millions of products to sell online, people often find themselves at a loss for ideas, or unable to build the supplier relationships they need to grow their business. Fortunately, successful product sourcing is not a matter of luck or guessing. It’s the result of implementing some very specific steps that will allow you to source the products buyers want and develop ongoing, profitable relationships with your suppliers.
To begin on the path to successful product sourcing, let’s start with some steps that lead directly to highly successful product sourcing:

Sourcing Rightly - Go Far Beyond Surface Sourcing
One of the most common problems with product sourcing is surface sourcing. Surface sourcing is sourcing only the top one or two most popular products in a category rather than going vertical in your niche to unearth the unique, in-demand products that buyers shop for online. One of the top reasons people shop online is selection. The seller who only practices surface sourcing will not stock the variety of products today’s online buyer demands.
In addition to limited selection, surfacing sourcing also tends to bring with it the products that carry the least profit margin. So it’s worth your time to go deep in your niche and find those products that not everybody is selling. While it will take a bit more digging to go beyond surface sourcing, remember that most of your competitors will never get past this point. So the rewards for you are always worth the additional effort.

Sourcing Rightly -Live in the World in Which Your Buyers Live
Successful product sourcing is never done in a vacuum. Rarely will you get an idea for a great product to sell right off the top of your head. To find the products buyers want, you must live in the same world your buyers live in. Read what they read. Watch what they watch. Frequent the spaces where they gather online.
The most successful product sourcing comes not from trying to “think of a product to sell,” but from looking outward. Turn on your radar and pay attention to what people are talking about, what’s going on in the world? Make a habit of being in the Product Sourcing Mindset, and you’ll find yourself in the enviable position of having an ongoing stream of options for products to sell.

Sourcing Rightly - Make Friends with the Trends
Being able to spot trends is the key to knowing what people will be buying 6, 12 or 18 months from now. No matter what category you sell in, being able to spot trends is crucial to understanding people need.
And contrary to popular belief, trends are not about products. Trends give you a window into what is happening in the hearts, minds and lives of the consumer. It’s these social and lifestyle trends that drive what people will buy next. Trend information is all around you. Trade shows, consumer magazines and industry Web sites are just a few of the places that offer a plethora of insights into the trends in your particular category. The time you spend researching trends upfront will greatly guide you in sourcing the right products down the road.

Sourcing Rightly -Create A Beneficial Partnership with Your Suppliers
Once you’ve identified the products you want to source, the next step is to find the right suppliers. If you implement the previous recommendations, by the time you’re ready to locate product sources, you’ll be better positioned to create a successful relationship for both you and your supplier.
Suppliers are motivated to work with sellers who know how to move their merchandise. The more knowledge you have about the products you sell (and how to sell them), and the better you can convey this expertise to a potential supplier, the more likely it is they’ll want to work with you. When you initiate contact with a new supplier, focus on finding out what they have to offer you and on how an alignment with your business can benefit them.

Test the Market for Viability
Once you’ve found suppliers for your products and have set up your accounts, it’s tempting to go full speed ahead into placing a bulk order. But before you commit to a large inventory purchase, there’s one more important step you have to take: You’ll want to test-market your new products to get an initial indication of how well they will sell on your site. Work with your suppliers to see what their minimum order policy is. You can even let them know that you want to introduce a small sampling of their products to your customers to determine which models, colors and styles will be the best fit for a subsequent reorder. Some suppliers will be willing to provide sample products to you at a slightly increased cost. Keep in mind that even if you pay more to get a few product samples, in the long run you’ll save money over buying a large quantity of products that don’t sell.
Following these sourcing series will prepare you solidly on the path to profitable product sourcing that will result in a thriving online business.

Why Some Online Merchants’ Stores Fail
Grasping the statistics regarding online stores failure rates is a slippery endeavour. The sobering data indicates that many online stores may fail in their first year, and of those that do survive to see a second year, most will ultimately call it quits by their fifth year. Rather than wracking your brain over which statistics to believe, the more important matter is to understand why these sellers do not succeed and what you can do to keep your online business from following in those fatal footsteps. We will be sharing the most common reasons for these failures and tips on how you can keep your business from joining the ranks of quitters.
Why Online Stores Fail – Not Understanding the Target Market
Your product or service is great—according to you, that is. However, as you begin your entrepreneurial endeavour, do you know how many paying customers would agree with your glowing self-assessment?
Without knowing to whom you’ll sell, and how often you’ll sell to them, you’re lacking an objective approach that can keep your business buzzing along after the first month or year.


  1. Identify who is buying products or services like yours (this is your target market) and understand their wants, needs and limitations regarding what they’ll pay.
  2. Determine the level of ongoing demand and growth potential for your proposed product or service by reviewing other businesses that are already serving this market.
  3. Importantly, explore how your online store will be different from the others, thereby identifying how you’ll be able to attract customers away from the competition to establish and sustain your sales projections.

Why Online Stores Fail - Lacking a Financial Plan
It is critical that you have a solid financial plan in place that provides for your online store as well as ongoing injection of funds to continue operating your business. Most financial analysts will agree that small businesses won’t see real profit for a full year, at the earliest. Here’s what you’ll want to do to ensure you’re on solid financial footing.


  1. From your market research, determine what you’ll need in product and operation overhead to launch or grow your online store. You’ll need to make this investment up front.
  2. Identify the source of your first years’ worth of capital income (your own money, money from family, bank loans, etc.), and be sure you’ll have that available as you need it. Avoid reliance on “immediate profits” to run your business at the outset.
  3. Develop a reliable method to keep track of your financial activities. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else or simply use our financial metrics which you can read up again, you will need a daily view of the financial health of your business to know if you’re on the right track and performing to plan.

Why Online Stores Fail - Using a Poor Pricing Strategy
Many new sellers looking to make very fast sales jump into the fray by offering low prices before determining if they can collect a profit from each sale. This is usually a result of underestimating your stock investment and operating costs as well as not looking ahead at the costs of business growth. Low prices are definitely a good thing to offer customers, but never at the expense of your business’ financial solvency. Consider these tips to avoid pricing yourself out of business:


  1. Be sure you have completely accounted for all of your costs, inventory, and third-party services and so on.
  2. Return to your market research to ensure the product or service you’ll offer can be competitively priced, while still allowing you profit. If not, reconsider your approach before you invest further in your endeavour.
  3. Determine your method of delivering value to customers such that you can possibly charge more than your competitors, if what you’ll sell offers more of what your customers’ desire.

Why Online Stores Fail - Doing It All by Yourself
You needn’t commit to an employee as an online seller, but you can sometimes find people to help you on an hourly basis, as you need them especially when dropping off items at our drop-off centres or third party courier services. Naturally, you will be self-motivated and overflowing with the energy to your store alone from top to bottom, front to back, all by yourself. The problem with running your store entirely on your own is that you’ll risk burning out, you’ll lack having an objective view of your business, and you might lack the needed skills for one or more aspects of your business which may expand as your customer base grows.


  1. Avoid wearing too many hats by working with others. You needn’t hire employees right away (that’s another expense that is often difficult for a small to medium sized store such as yours)
  2. Seek a mentor for initial guidance, probably an already set up retailer with huger merchandise that surpasses yours. Chances are you know someone who’s already running an online business. Start there.
  3. Talk with family and friends about their views and perspectives. Even though they might not be business people, they’ll likely have some insight that could be of use.
  4. Hire help on an “as needed” basis. You needn’t commit to an employee, but you can sometimes find folks to help you on an hourly basis, as you need them.

Why Online Stores Fail - Being in it Just for the Money
While it might seem counterintuitive, going into business for the sole purpose of making money is what often trips up many store owners. When you’ve decided you’ll go into the online business for yourself, it’s often because you want to escape a daily grind, to have more meaning to what you do each day, and to improve or otherwise impact the lives of others. Those are sound and noble reasons to start your online business, but if you then only focus through the prism of how much money you will make, you will risk derailing your natural motivations. Instead, focus on your passions, your dreams and what you believe you can deliver to others. Love what you’ll do first, and the rest will take care of itself. You will be driven to make your business customer-focused, you will seek out talent and advice to help you stay on a correct course, and you’ll enjoy “going to work” at your online store every day.