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From an Employee to becoming my Own Boss - How It All Began”
“Working for different organizations can be fulfilling and help you gather vast knowledge and experience but the term “Be Your Own Boss”(BYOB) had always appealed greatly to Patrick.” Read More
The need for me to think outside my cubicle arose. And today by God's grace MIKI ENT SOLUTIONS became a reality. ”
“My Job is ok. No matter how small the salary might be, I am still grateful. But then it brought about more responsibilities for me to cater to which the salary could not mitigate.” Read More
From the Banking Hall to being a KidPreneur - How It All Began
It has really been nice doing business with Konga. Delightful Toyshop has been in business for 5years. I know I have a passion for children and I also know I wanted to make a difference. So, I decided to be self employed by focusing on something that will add value to children. Read More
Becoming an Employer - The Birth of Intimate Pleasures
E-commerce not only helped Iheoma grow her business and reach out to millions of customers, but also gave her store a chance to improve the sexual health and well-being of millions of couples around the nation.
Read More
A Marketer turned Customer Conscious Fashionista - How it all Began
A business line dedicated to the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and trendy awareness, Oluwakemi leverages the strength of e-commerce to expand her clothing and jewellery network and is consistently smiling to the bank while ensuring optimum customer experience. Read More
From a Graphic Designer Employee to an Entrepreneur - His journey so far
With a solid experience spanning six years as a graphic designer, one would think Odunlami would be comfortable working for a company that was not his since all he had to do was design. However, the burning determination of an entrepreneur cannot be subdued as Odunlami. Read More

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