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An Idea, a need, a burning determination, an unbridled passion, an entrepreneurial calling-- everyone has a reason for joining the Konga Mall and following their business passion. Meet our sellers and how they found success.

Intimate Pleasures
Seller Since: May '14
I have never been happier selling on Konga
"E-commerce not only helped Iheoma grow her business and reach out to millions of customers, but also gave her store a chance to improve the sexual health and well-being of millions of couples around the nation!"

Unlike many entrepreneurs, Iheoma didn’t grow up with a blinding passion to deal with intimacy and sexual problems of all those around her, neither did she actually imagine owning her own store and able to reach millions of buyers beyond all she thought possible. Her first job surprisingly was a far cry from what she currently sells on the Konga Mall. According to her, “my first job was for the UK Charity War on Want as an Intern working in the communications department and part of the team raising money for the Bangladesh flood appeals of 1988. Decades ago. I was there for twenty four months and in that time worked on several high profile international development campaigns. By the time I graduated it was time for me to do something else and I went to work in the Gambia for the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies. I never really left jobs as such because the international development sector is a small community and as such, moving on is just changing one for the other”.

However, her journey into the world of sexual intimacy was more or less like a surprise walk-in. “I always say this business found me rather than the other way round”. She said. “After several years working in international development, serving communities and attempting to solve their issues, I developed new soft skills in counselling, listening, thinking outside the box and generally being that one person everyone comes to if they have sexual health issues to discuss”.

With this newly founded skills she had gained, she knew deep down that there was an opportunity for her to develop this business idea and map out a financial plan. And even though she has been in this business for a very long time, she only decided to give it a serious push within the last four years.

And with a focused and unbending resolve, she literally put all her mind, and well, a lot of financial backing to birthing her store online with Konga Mall -Intimate Pleasures . And today, she can lay boast of having made over 200 sales since joining the Konga Mall few months back.

Catching up with the exhilarated Konga Mall Intimate Products seller, she had this to say, “My best experience with Konga Mall is being able to say we have customers all over Nigeria including Zamfara State, and even as far as Enugu State. Everybody now knows about us and how we provide original products and not fake Chinese intimate pleasure items.

Their Stories, Their Passions & Lessons Learned

An Idea, a need, a burning determination, an unbridled passion, an entrepreneurial calling-- everyone has a reason for joining the Konga Mall and following their business passion. Meet our sellers and how they found success.

Seller Since: June '14
I have never been happier selling on Konga
“A business line dedicated to the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and trendy awareness, Oluwakemi leverages the strength of e-commerce to expand her clothing and jewellery network and is consistently smiling to the bank while ensuring optimum customer experience”

With a career that started in Sales and Marketing with Ouch Couture, Oluwakemi no doubt already had the boldness and sales enthusiasm every young graduate looking to go into entrepreneurship should possess. However this did not deter her from pitching her career tent briefly with Etisalat as a Customer Care Executive as she was well aware that the key to a profitable sales business is knowing how to treat the kings of the business- the customer. And armed with these two relevant experience that will go a long way in making her business a renowned success, she founded her own company- Kellyzolae Shopping, where she doubles as the CEO as well as the Social Media Officer attending to all her customers’ complaints and feedback.

Kellyzolae-Shopping has been in existence since 2009 however, as she was selling directly to family and friends.

“It all started back in my University days when I use to be a crazy Fashionista. When my mum is going on Vacation to the UK, I advise her to buy lovely wears which I will sell to my friends in school. This has been a passion which made me take a bold step by registering the Business in 2009 while rounding up my NYSC”. Oluwakemi stated proudly.
“I presently have 2 staff assisting as I still need to combine work and business together.” She explained.

With her making many sales in the engagement rings category, she had to ensure she combated the initial challenge of ring sizing where her customers are concerned. So to ensure there are no issues with customers returning her items due to wrong size, she smartly improvised.
“I implemented my Customer service skills by contacting customers to confirm the sizes before the ring is been dropped off.” She mentioned.

Explaining her experience with Konga Mall, she says,
“Kellyzolae Shopping has always been on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM etc. But the sales we have made since joining Konga Mall has been so excellent and huge and saves us the stress of advertising and so on. It was a right decision and achievement we have made within the last 3 months as we were able to earn a 5star”.

Her major category focus has been on engagement rings and female apparels which is always on demand across all seasons in the country and has seen her making as much as 160+ premium sales since she joined the Konga Mall in June of 2014.

Their Stories, Their Passions & Lessons Learned

With a solid experience spanning six years as a graphic designer, one would think Odunlami would be comfortable working for a company that was not his since all he had to do was design. However, the burning determination of an entrepreneur cannot be subdued as Odunlami became bored and restless after dedicating such number of years for that line of career.

“I resigned from there after almost 6 years because I got bored and restless”. He stated matter of fact.
However, his entrepreneurial side came calling almost a year before he resigned and like the determined seller he was to become, he gave in and was already flourishing his business by the side, albeit in a small manner before putting in his resignation letter.

O & O Gadgets
Seller Since: April '14
I have never been happier selling on Konga
“In 2009 I saw a problem that I solved for myself and decided to turn it into a business so other people could benefit from it as well. I needed a good laptop at a reasonable price and there was a challenge of getting reliable equipment here in Nigeria at affordable prices at that time so I discussed with a cousin in USA and we were able to buy one online and ship down to Nigeria at a reasonable price”

That decision backed by enough resources and manual input birthed his business -.O & O Gadgets.
“We decided to put down some money from our savings and started stocking a few gadgets and accessories that were rare to find at affordable prices and found out there was a market for such especially when buyers could be assured of the quality. Later on, we opened up our business to help people buy all sorts of reliable and affordable products from USA and UK and hence became a shopping concierge service”. Oladimeji proudly proclaims.

Since Oladimeji made that smart decision to become an employer rather than an employee, his business has boasted of purchasing and selling thousands of products to various clients requiring authentic items ranging from personal goods, household goods to business goods.
“We have grown very fond of our gadget shop also, hence the reason we still maintain O & O Gadgets to sell reliable and affordable products. When we see good products that people need at affordable prices, we take steps to make them available through our gadget shop”. He further explained.

Sharing his Mall experience, he said “products that we successfully place offers for usually sell out in a few days on the Konga Mall. We have generated more sales for O & O Gadgets through Konga Marketplace and we have been able to reach more clients in other parts of the country than we were able to reach before”. The proud entrepreneur further shared excitedly.
Since joining the Mall in April of 2014, he has recorded sales of over 450+ orders while his most selling category remains his computer accessories collection and with excellent customer service which his buyers confirm to be top notch, the sky is definitely the beginning for Oladimeji’s business as he also confirmed that “the experience has been worthwhile”.