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Blackberry Playbook

The blackberry playbook is a computer developed mini tablet, it runs on the BlackBerry OS and has a Dual-core 1GHz. The tablet is one of a kind from one of the greatest brands of all time, with a memory capacity of 1GB RAM, you also have an opportunity to choose from either the 16/32 or 64GB. The playbook is user friendly, you can easily navigate by swiping through the 7.0 inches multi touchscreen display. Though it is not SIM enabled, you still get to enjoy connectivity effortlessly from your Wifi connection, it has other connectivity options like the HDMI port, a USB port and most importantly the Bluetooth. Enjoy taking and sharing pictures and videos from the 5MP back facing camera and 3MP front facing camera while you bother less about a drained battery, as the Li-Po 5300 mAh battery which is non-removable will never disappoint. A distinctive feature is that you can synchronize your blackberry device with the blackberry playbook just by connecting both, so you get to enjoy uninterrupted fun, and also work on your documents with your amazing device. There’s so much you get to enjoy with this mini tablet, and for the lowest price online you are guaranteed on Nigeria’s largest online mall.