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Have you ever wondered why babies need to sleep a lot? And during the first two years of their life they will on average spend more of their time sleeping than not. If your baby sleeps in a cot, you should definitely take cot safety into consideration. It’s worthwhile spending time choosing the right one for you and for them. Choosing the right kind of cot might be a major challenge because there are certain features cots must provide to ensure safer sleeping environment for babies. Find out the right baby cots on Konga suitable for your babies.

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You know a cot will probably be your baby's bed until he is two years or three years old. It should be strong and sturdy without cracked or broken slats, with no jagged points or edges. It should be deep enough to be safe for your baby, that the bars are the correct distance apart, and that the cot does not have cut-outs or steps. Whatever types of cots you are looking for we offer different range of baby cots for different age range whatever is the age of your baby you will find the perfect cot right here on Konga at best price.