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A blood pressure monitor can be one of many devices used to measure blood pressure. They can be simple cuffs with a hand pump that gradually inflates the cuff. More often, doctors and hospitals have turned to monitors that are powered by electricity and give digital readouts of systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) pressure. Most types of the blood pressure monitor have at least two components. They feature the cuff, which may wrap around the arm, wrist or even a finger, and they have a display or dial to read blood pressure numbers. Additional components can include connections between the cuff and an inflating device, and possibly a stethoscope. Many people are choosing to use a wrist blood pressure monitor at home instead of a more standard arm cuff. An alternative to obtaining blood pressure readings high on the arm with a blood pressure cuff, a wrist blood pressure monitor can be easily used at home for a quick and accurate reading. Explore our online store for a wide selection of blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment.

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Blood pressure can be tracked at home quickly and easily using an automatic blood pressure monitor, which takes a reading automatically and displays the result in a digital format. This is useful for people with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, who need to report daily changes in blood pressure to their doctors. It also is beneficial for people who just want to take a more proactive role in managing their health. There are two main types of blood pressure monitor: digital, or automatic, and aneroid, or manual. Automatic monitors have become the most popular type of machine for tracking blood pressure at home. They tend to be easier to use and to read than manual blood pressure machines. Get your blood pressure monitors on Konga at lowest prices.