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With cameras no memory is lost and with digital camera you can keep track of events as it’s unfolds and have them saved up in a file for as long as you desire. Cameras are the best gadgets  to capture a memorable and impressive events while security cameras are also suitable for safety purposes. has a large selection of cameras and accessories for different classes of people depending on your need. Are you a professional photographers that is so much fascinated with high resolution cameras? Konga has a massive selection of contemporary DSLR cameras with all the accessories you need to get perfect quality and maximum output. In case you are an amateur looking for something that matches your budget and plan, don’t worry our extensive range of point & shoot and compact cameras got everything you need to kick-start.

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We offer the latest models of professional DSLR cameras, Point & shoot cameras, Video cameras, CCTV cameras & more from top brands including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony at lowest prices in Nigeria. You will also find the finest lenses and accessories that best fits your camera on Konga. We provide detailed information about our cameras that help you make the wisest choice during purchase.