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CCTV Cameras in Nigeria & Prices

A CCTV camera, or closed circuit television camera, is a technology in which video cameras in one place are linked to monitors, or television screens, in a predetermined location. They are often installed in banks, stores, casinos, malls, and on some private properties. They may also be used to watch and regulate industrial processes, monitor traffic, and supervise public buses, trains, or subways. A CCTV camera may be equipped with many special features, such as the ability to tilt, pan across the room, or pick up images in the dark. It is also important to decide on the area that will be covered by the CCTV security cameras. This information is necessary in selecting the size of the lens and camera. There are several different camera formats to choose from.

The CCTV Camera was invented by Walter Bruch, a German engineer in 1942 for Siemens and it was used in observing V-2 rocket launches. As at 2016, the total number of installed CCTV cameras in the world were approximately 350 million.

CCTV cameras are used for surveillance in many different locations including public places to prevent criminal activities and catch criminals in the act, industrial plants for security and observation of processes in rooms harmful to humans and more, there are more sophisticated body worn surveillance cameras available currently used mainly by law enforcement officials.

Modern CCTV cameras are usually equipped with internet connection capability to enable instantaneous recording directly to network storage equipment. Prices of CCTV cameras in Nigeria vary depending on the specification, features and model of the camera.

Surveillance Cameras record and store digital video and image files using a digital video recorder device or send it directly to servers if they have IP network capability. Installation of CCTV cameras have to be carried out by trusted professionals who have proven experience setting them up, there are a number of good CCTV Installation companies in Nigeria which offer services at affordable prices.

CCTV cameras are specially designed for security purposes to serve as a surveillance camera used mostly for security reasons and also for domestic reasons as well. Companies in Nigeria today have adopted the need to be security conscious to ensure the safety of their assets. In the case of banks, they would need it to monitor the money in the vault, or insurance companies that need their confidential documents to be protected or the schools that need to monitor the activities of the children. Therefore get the best surveillance cameras from Konga and at the best price in Nigeria is highly essential.

Where to Buy CCTV Cameras in Nigeria

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Security is something that should be taken very seriously, that is why you need to do what you can in your capacity and start by monitoring your assets with CCTV security cameras. There are top brands to choose from and they include Aebel, LG and more, there are also several types such as the palms monitor that could be used to monitor your baby when asleep or your babysitter when you are away. There are also indoor spy cameras for domestic and office monitoring during and off office hours. Outdoor cameras can be used for banks and schools to monitor movement in and out of the premises and to have video communication with any unwanted guest before allowed access. Whatever the case may be, security cameras are very important to get. Order now from Konga and enjoy prompt delivery of your order to your preferred location in Nigeria.

Uses of CCTV Cameras

Crime Prevention: CCTV Cameras have been very effective in reducing crime rates in many locations around the world as criminals avoid locations with cctv’s so that they don’t get caught on tape. Many crimes have been solved with the use of surveillance cameras and many criminals have been convicted with the undisputable evidence it provides.

Industrial Processes: There are some processes in industries which are very dangerous for human health but require monitoring nonetheless such as internal reactor processes, CCTVs have made it possible for those processes to be monitored remotely thereby eliminating the health risk and increasing production efficiency. The surveillance cameras used for these processes are manufactured specially, some of them are line scan cameras, thermographic cameras and more.

Traffic monitoring: Large cities and road networks use CCTV systems to detect congestions, accidents and other traffic issues, the data gotten is then used to divert traffic by informing drivers of the traffic situation through their GPS systems. Surveillance cameras can also be used to detect over-speeding drivers for penalization purposes.

Transport safety: Surveillance Cameras help operators of subway trains confirm that nobody is close to the train doors before starting the train or closing the doors to avoid harm to people.

Sports Viewing: CCTV Cameras can also be used to send feeds from sports venue like a football field to a central control center which is then transmitted onwards to televisions in homes.