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Sometimes there is nothing worse than losing all the charges on your smartphone especially when you are in the middle of something very important. Usually this happens at the most inconvenient time probably when you are using your phone to surf the web, in the middle of a phone call or when you are desperate to send an important email or text message. Nonetheless, in this dispensation of global village, there is never a good time!  Never put yourself through this stress again with portable chargers and power banks on Konga. If you are always on the move, the very last thing you would imagine is to have your smartphone low or even empty on battery. For those who depend largely on their mobile devices, not having enough power for the battery can be a major catastrophe. How else will people reach you or how will you contact people for business or personal reasons when your phone is basically useless as it has gone off on you? With this in mind, getting a portable power bank for your device can be a major help to ensure longer hours of texting, phone calls, or web browsing using your mobile phone.

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Depending on your need, powerbanks are available in different range of capacities, this implies that some power banks retain more powers and charges longer than the other, for instance we have powerbanks with 20000 mAh, 12000 mAh, 5000 mAh, or 2000 mAh. If you are always making use of your mobile devices regularly and especially at places where you don’t have access to chargers it would be wise to get powerbanks with huge capacities to meet your needs. But in case you want to plan ahead for days when electricity can be epileptic you can get something of the mid-range in case of emergency situations when you need to have your phone one, you wouldn’t want to miss that job interview or business contract. Power banks are now on Konga in different colours, sizes and shapes. From a tiny key-ring sized power bank to a hefty universal charger, you can choose your collection according to your need. Buy quality mobile chargers and powerbanks from premium brands on Konga at best prices in Nigeria.