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The CPU is the brain of the computer where most calculations take place. The modern central processing units are stylishly designed just to give your work station that attractive look and they also come in various sizes ranging from 17 to 29 inches with flat panels. There are top brands that produce authentic CPUs and they include HP, Dell, Samsung, and more and have the latest operating system installed. Whatever the purpose of getting a high end CPU is; gaming, graphics, and networking, you are sure to be covered with no worries as you would get adequate storage space back up all your files and progress. We know desktop CPU are quite heavy and could be strenuous shopping physically, that we have taken it upon us to deliver it to your doorstep after you have ordered for it online on konga.

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In terms of computing power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer. On large machines, the CPU requires one or more printed circuit boards. On personal computers and small workstations, the CPU is housed in a single chip called a microprocessor. The CPU itself is an internal component of the computer. Modern CPUs are small and square and contain multiple metallic connectors or pins on the underside. System. The CPU is inserted directly into a CPU socket, pin side down, on the motherboard. Get desktop CPU for computers to enjoy the best performance in computing in terms of speed, display and responsiveness. They are ideal for both home and office use for business networking and entertainment. Order now for your desktop CPU on Konga at unbeatable prices in Nigeria.