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Earphones and headsets are usually used for listening to music privately in order to enjoy the music with better quality as you move around. This piece of hardware can be attached to CD players, mobile phones and other portable media devices. You can get the best headsets on Konga from your favourite brands online such as Havit, Apple, Lenovo, Turbine & more. With the 3.5mm jack default port on most devices, you can use the headsets or earpiece to listen to songs or to your favourite radio program while on the go. It has also become a fashionable item as well as it produced in different bright colours to fit your outfit. Get the best price for headsets in Nigeria on Konga.

Where to Buy Headphones & Earpieces

Whatever the kind of headset you like, we have it in store for you, be it the in-ear earpiece, the over-the-ear headphones and the on-the-ear headset. Also available are wireless headphones powered with Bluetooth, with this you can pick calls even while the phone is 50m away, it is also convenient to use as you do not get limited in movements due to the wired headphones. Choose Konga for the right headsets to enjoy rich sounds when you have a phone call or listen to music. Buy the best headsets and other phone accessories online.