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Electricity can be deadly if not used with utmost care. When the phase or live wire touches our body, electric current gives shock depending on the intensity of voltage and paralyze muscular functions of the body.Low quality materials, unqualified electrician and a little carelessness in electric works can cause fatal electric shocks in home.Such accidents are not easy to repair and compensate,so it is essential to take every care while doing electrical fittings during construction of your house. This is the primary reason or importance of Electrical Fittings which are used for connecting conduits.They are usually non-flexible. They showcase in a variety of types and sizes. They are primarily categorized according to the underlying elements used in manufacturing them. Amidst the common types include, Aluminum fittings, Fabricated Steel fittings, Cast Zinc fittings, cast malleable iron fittings. Discover electrical fittings on Konga at the lowest prices you can't find anywhere else.

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On Konga you're offered a huge array of electrical fittings from top brands like APC, Arit, D-MARC, Eaton, Fit and more. Here you can find coaxial cables, knife switches, surge protectors, electrical socket, socket adapter, automatic change over and more, all at the lowest prices you can't find anywhere else. Save yourself the stress of going to physical stores when you can easily order online on Konga with few easy clicks. Order online today for original electrical fittings on Konga at the best prices in Nigeria and enjoy prompt doorstep delivery of your orders.