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Hair wigs and other hair extensions are used for adding extra beauty to the natural feminine hair in terms of colour, length and volume. The extensions can be used for various reasons; it could be used for enhancing the growth of the natural hair or it could be used to augment the appearance of a lady. The weaves and wigs can be used by any age group from young to old. Weaves are usually attached or sewn to the natural hair and mostly worn by the young ladies while wigs are usually worn over the hair temporarily especially by those who tend to be growing their natural hair afresh. There are hair care products with which you can grow your hair and it would be full to your satisfaction in no time. Explore our vast collection of original hair products from the top brands and at the best price in Nigeria.

Where to Buy High Quality Hair Extensions, Weaves & Wigs Online

At Konga, we have all the hair pieces you could be looking for anywhere. Today there is a fuss about the Brazilian hair, human hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and virgin hair,Malaysian hair, Cambodian hair and more. The ladies love to be ahead in anything they do and want the best. That is why we at Konga, we have made this a priority to meet the needs of the ladies that love to shop online with us. Apart from beautifying the hair, weaves and extensions are also used to fill thin areas of the hair. Buy original human hair online on Konga and you would not be disappointed with what you get.