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Many people turn to contact lenses when they grow tired of wearing glasses day after day. Contacts fall into two basic groups: soft and rigid gas permeable. Soft contacts are made of a soft flexible plastic that is up to 80 percent water. They are usually the most comfortable lenses and are available in disposable wears and extended wears. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts are made of a slightly flexible plastic and create sharper vision than soft contacts in some cases. Other types of contact lenses are bifocal- designed much like bifocal glasses with one area of the contact for near vision and the other for seeing distances and toric lenses for astigmatism. Special effects or novelty contact lenses are used for non-prescription purposes and can also come in either soft or rigid gas permeable styles. Whether you want to try a new eye colour or whatever look you want to achieve, it's possible with these types of lenses all available online on Konga with a wide range of exciting colours for you to choose from.

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An eye cream is a specially formulated moisturizer that in most cases has been tested as effective to use near the eyes, and that won’t damage the soft tissue around the eyes or cause eye irritation. Many of these creams are made with special ingredients that help either reduce the look of wrinkles around the eyes, provide anti-aging benefits, or help to reduce darker skin tone around the eyes. Eyeglasses frames come in many different types ranging from simple functional models to elaborate designs that are intended to add a bit of fun to the task of wearing corrective lenses. The lenses themselves vary in materials, with lightweight plastic blends being the most popular option today. The design of eyeglasses frames has changed over the years, often in conjunction with current fashion trends. Give your eyes that special care it needs with our range of contact lenses and solutions, eye creams, eyeglass frames, eye massagers and more at competitive prices on Konga.