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Personal hygiene for women involves many of the same precautions as personal hygiene for men, but special attention is often placed on bodily processes specific to women. This may include menstruation, intercourse, and necessary hygiene procedures needed by a woman's body. One of the most important aspects of personal hygiene for women involves urinary processes. Wiping from front to back help prevent the spread of faecal matter and infections related to these materials. Washing before and after sexual intercourse is also thought to reduce the likelihood of developing an infection. Are you concerned about your feminine hygiene? You are can never go wrong online on Konga.

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In general, washing is considered highly important for women. Keeping the rectal and vaginal area clean can be as simple as washing during a shower, but in some cultures it is considered normal for women to wash this area with water after using the toilet. Washing the body is also important in general. It is usually considered unnecessary for women to wash internally, and in fact doing so can spread infections and damage the internal tissues of the vagina. On Konga we have got you covered with your feminine hygiene needs ranging from hair removal creams and strips, vagina wipes, vaginal wash, panty liners, sanitary pads, disposable breast pads, mobile female urinary device, facial sponge and more at guaranteed best prices online.