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For uninterrupted power supply in your home or at the office, it is imperative to have the right generating power plant in your home, say no to blackout moments and begin to enjoy stable light, especially for the business owners so that productivity would always be on the rise. In a city like Lagos, almost every home has a generator, so don’t be left out in the dark and order one or two from Konga at affordable prices. Check our collection and you would discover we have the top brands in the game and this includes; Elemax, TEC, Honda and more. There are two major types and this includes the petrol and diesel generator but the petrol is commonly used in Nigeria as it is more affordable. Keep all your home appliances running in constant supply at all times and with Konga, the problem of “no light” is solved.

Where to Buy Affordable Generators & Accessories

When it comes to an alternative power supply in Nigeria, the generator is mostly used. They usually come in different capacities in terms of voltage output. The generators and accessories on Konga are original from the real manufacturer with every guarantee that it would last longer while using it. They are used by residential homes and industrial institutions just to have power supplied in the absence of the power distributed by the national grid. The sizes suitable for residential homes include the 10kva generator from Sumec Firman with the use of petrol is strong to take any equipment in the house such as air conditioners, electric cookers, refrigerators and other heavy home appliances and it is very economical in fuel consumption. Other ranges include the 6.5kva, 5.5kva, 3.5kva, 2.5kva and more. Buy generators and accessories online on Konga at the best price in Nigeria.