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With our extensive range of automobile and industrial products, you can say goodbye to all the power outages you experience. Here, we have the perfect range of generators, batteries, inverters and surge protectors. If you are greener than the rest, we also have portable solar generators available. If your car unexpectedly breaks down, we have other automotive and industrial tools available such as spanners or car scanners available. Konga is the perfect place to shop generators, inverters and other power solutions you could possibly need for your home and office.

Where to Buy Generators, Inverters & Solar Panels at the Best Prices in Nigeria

Save yourself the hassle of searching for your needed tools. Whether it's for your home or office, you can get generators and other power solutions such as inverters on Konga at affordable prices. Several of our generators and equipment are sold by their original manufacturers and distributors. This guarantees you premium quality on any equipment you purchase on our platform. Just before you check any option, try Konga first. Enjoy prompt delivery of your order(s) to your preferred location in Nigeria.