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The best music keyboard will vary according to your needs, budget, and playing ability. Some keyboard models feature a full 88 keys, while others are smaller, and some keyboards have a variety of features to modify the sound output of the instrument, while others are basic keyboards with synthesized piano sounds only. Smaller music keyboard models may come in 61-key or 76-key varieties but you will be limited in what songs you can play. Such keyboards are ideal for those interested in saving space and who will be playing as a hobby only. Full-sized keyboards also often feature weighted keys, which means the keys will feel more like those of an actual full-sized piano. Browse a vast collection of keyboards, pianos and drums online on Konga and take your music to a whole different level. If you are looking for a traditional touch in music, you can never go wrong with our wide selection of original talking drums.

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Choosing drums that will best suit your needs may involve a number of factors. Since there are so many different kinds of drums, a primary determination is what type you want to get. Prices of drums range from cheap to the expensive. Other considerations include brand or manufacturer, drum colour or style, and drum accessories that you may want to purchase. Whether you are a performer or simply an instrumental enthusiast, we have got you covered with our wide array of top-grade drums, keyboards and pianos from known brands like Yamaha, Behringer, Premier, Alesis, Novation and more at guaranteed best prices exclusively on Konga.