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There are different types of furniture setting meant for different purpose and personalities. when it comes to choosing to your kids' room setting, you consider shape as it must be stylish and attractive to stimulate children reasoning and imaginations, babylike colours that are pleasing and bright, durability as most children do not know how to maintain furniture on their own, classy look to show your child how much you care which also boils down to going for the quality ones. Konga offers the best of kiddies’ room furniture starting from study desk, wardrobe, cot set, toddler bed, locker, bunk beds, patio set, storage set, stools, and high chair among others.

Kids’ Furniture on Konga at the Lowest Prices in Nigeria

Our adorable Toddler Beds with canopy will have the little explorer in your life excited about getting her rest. Raise the Safe Sleep Side Rails for more security when your child is dreaming about her favorite adventure on this canopy toddler bed adorned with different characters. Bright graphics decorate the headboard and footboard with a canopy to match. With its low bed height, your toddler can easily climb on and off of this baby crib mattress when the safety side rails are lowered. Surprise your explorer with our kid’ bedroom furniture for a comfy good night sleep.