Makeup Set

Makeup Sets

A makeup kit or makeup set can come in handy. First of all, makeup kits help to get your makeup and accessories more organized and you can arrange them in sets based on how you use makeup daily. For an everyday makeup look, here are some basic items that should be in your makeup set:
Foundation: This makeup item evens skin tone and gives a smooth palette to begin applying other products.
Concealer: This makeup item helps to hide blemishes and dark spots on the face.
Blush: This makeup item helps to adds dimension to your face.
Eyeliner: This makeup item is used on the edges of your eyelids closest to your eyes and just below the eyes.
Mascara: This makeup product helps to enhance the eyelashes. Mascaras help to really define the lashes by darkening and stretching them.
Powders: They help to set your foundation and prevent it from wearing off as fast.
Lipstick/Lip gloss: Lipsticks come in a wide variety of colours and you can choose the colour that best complements your skin tone for an everyday look.

In applying your makeup, it is important to add a primer and if possible, a setting spray to your makeup set. A primer would help you prep your skin and ensure a flawless base that keeps makeup in place all day while a setting spray which would be used after completing your makeup application, would help your makeup last much longer.

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