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Delighting friends and family at the comfort of your home is no longer a tedious thing to do, are you thinking of turning your home to a complete entertainment center or you crave a high-quality video experience and an immersive audio experience that breathe life into your favorite movies and peradventure you are just looking for something that will keep the environment around you alive, bet you will find everything you are looking for right here. Another main element that makes a trip to the movie theater so memorable is the enveloping audio, in which sound elements come at you from all directions you can get the same feel at home with the basic surround speakers. Get the best of Mp3 players and speakers online on Konga at the best prices in Nigeria. So do not delay for a single second get online now and have it delivered to your location nationwide.

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Get to enjoy the best of enhanced and amplified sound from your mobile phone, iPod, and other strong>MP3 player devices by connecting it to a mobile speaker. These speakers are usually powered via Bluetooth or USB just to enjoy the audio output to the maximum. Enjoy the best of your music and videos while at home relaxing or at the beach on vacation. Imagine those moments you are with friends and you all want to watch a movie; the normal in built speakers would not be loud enough for everyone to hear, hence the movie won’t be enjoyed but with the portable pill speakers by beats, one can really get the best in entertainment, thus, you and your friends would find the movie very interesting just because of the good quality sound produced. Get the best from top brands such as beats by Dre, Havit, Logitech, Bamboo and many more. Order on Konga now and at the guaranteed best price in Nigeria.