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The PS4 console is the latest device from the Sony gaming world and looking at what we have in store, you would be left amazed. The technology used in this console is top notch as the characters are built to look like real life characters including the locations replicated. The PS4 console is also used for other use of home entertainment such as watching movies and listening to music as this device can save media files with the availability of large memory space up to 500GB. Internet connection is also available on the console so you can get updates on the latest PS4 games and then download them just in case the hard copy isn’t available in the market near you. Also with internet available, you can connect with other gamers that are far away but with the synchronization, it will seem like the person is just near you as communication is done with gaming headsets. Keep the excitement flowing by getting one for yourself and also buy as a gift to a friend that loves playing games. Get consoles online on Konga at the best price in Nigeria.

Where to Buy PS4 Game Consoles at the Lowest Price

Playing games is no longer a mere disruption to pass the time, but a highly competitive and engrossing activity. What was thought to be a way for children to while away time or keep them busy and today is a serious hobby for many adults. Be it for entertainment or for competitions, gaming now involves modern technology and innovation. Check out the one-stop shop online for all PS4 games at Konga. Playing games can’t get any better than the experience you get from the latest PS4 games. Enjoy some highly anticipated releases like Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Jackdaw Edition, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, The Amazing Spider Man , Knack, PlayStation Injustice Gods Among Us | Ultimate Edition, Wolfenstein. | The New Order, UFC, Bound By Flame, MotoGP 14, Battlefield Hardline, Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Game. If you haven’t got the PlayStation 4 game console, you can browse through Konga’s list of PS4 consoles available in different sizes and buy online at best prices in Nigeria.