Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pumps Online

Solar water pumps are often used in remote areas where the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive or you just want to provide water to an off-grid home. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation. Submerged water pump can lift up to 650 feet and fit in a 4" or larger well casing and are used when the water supply is more than 20 feet from the surface. Submersible solar pumps can operate directly off solar panels, batteries, or in some cases, an AC power source. Surface Solar Pumps are good for applications with shallow wells, ponds, streams or storage tanks. They are best if the water supply is 20 feet or less from the surface. However, once they have lifted that relatively small amount, surface solar pumps can then push water great distances, 200 feet or more! Linear Current Boosters for Solar Pumps (LCBs) allow the pump motor to run longer during the day by translating additional voltage to necessary current during periods of low sun.

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