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Eating a healthy diet alone isn't enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to be fit you need to be engaged in a frequent sporting or fitness exercise. Konga’s Sport and Fitness Shop offers you a massive array of sport & fitness equipment and all the accessories that would help you achieve have a healthy lifestyle. You can choose sports equipment for games like cycling, swimming, tennis, football, table tennis, golf, skating, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and more. For those who love to gym, there are equipment like treadmills, roller side, dumbbells, gym ball, elliptical bike, ab exercises, workout accessories and more. At Konga, you will be spoilt with a huge selection of sports and fitness equipment at guaranteed best prices in Nigeria.Whether you a cycling, swimming, football, tennis, or gym enthusiast we have the sport & fitness accessories that will take care of all your needs.Enjoy amazing deals on sports and fitness equipment online.

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For cycling and adventure sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of items that you will love, like the cycling helmets, bicycles & more. Football fanatics will find football kits, boots, Tennis fans would find tennis racquets,balls,grips and strings.Those who love swimming, there are a variety of swimwear that they could browse and other swimming accessories like goggles and caps. Having a regular exercise goes a long way in contributing to your fitness level and adding more years to your life, because with regular exercise you are able to burn excess calories in your body and allow blood pumps freely through your body.You can glance through the wide array of gym equipment available at Konga. You will find amazing fitness equipment suitable for your workouts needs at affordable prices, they include a host of dumbbells bike in different shapes and weights, magnetic bike, exercise benches, and many more. Konga is exactly where you want to be for all your workout needs.In the spirit of Valentine,get sports and fitness equipment for a loved one who needs to exercise more.