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Computer storage devices have been in existence since about the time computer itself was invented, we can go as far back as the diskette drive that could only work on desktop computers and wasn’t as efficient because documents saved could be lost due to the damaged device or perhaps the PC wasn’t shut down properly. It then improved from diskette to CD-ROM, this was more efficient than the diskette but had its disadvantage also which was being broken at any mishap. In modern technology, computer storage devices have gone really digital with the use of USB sticks such as flash drives and hard drives. Flash drives are mini storage devices ranging from 2GB memory space to 32GB memory space and mostly used for saving files that are not really large in quantity and size. The hard drive is much bigger and advanced and save files and documents of up to 1terabyte. Get the best computer storage devices today on Konga and at the best price in Nigeria.

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You might be wondering the need of having a computer storage device? Imagine working on a project that would take a week to complete and you have done quite a lot on the first day and probably the laptop you were working with doesn’t belong to you, how do you save the work done so far? This is where the hard drives and flash drives come into play. You can use these devices to save important files and documents such as office word or excel documents, presentations, music, videos, pictures and other file you might need to save. Save yourself the stress of getting in traffic to get to the mall, get on online and shop for computer storage devices. Buy a hard drive, flash drive or memory card online on Konga.