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Despite the different means of cooking that was discovered overtime, stoves still remains the most accessible cooking tool that is ever ready when you want to use it. At Konga, we have varieties of them with great functionalities in durability, accessibility, cool designs that can add beauty to your home. Some of them are pressure kerosene pump stove which features blue flame without any smoke, High heat and fast cooking, 1 liters burn for 4 to 5 hour, for one burner fitted with quality burner no joint pipe frame.

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Unique air pump. Double burner stoves that has Original butterfly economy cooking stove is reputed for being smokeless, Odorless low oil consumption and no need of air pumping, they are suitable for any kind of cooking purpose. The product comes with 2 set of wick kerosene tank gauge in order to measure fuel level small kerosene funnel. All of these features have been built into the stove in order to make cooking a delight in every home. Outdoor gas stove which makes large scale cooking easy for you, devoid of all unnecessary hassles and soot that go with the traditional methods of cooking. It uses the natural cooking gas and makes cooking very fast. Individuals and caterers need not worry any longer as this is a solution to many of the problems they have been facing when cooking with the conventional kerosene or firewood stoves. Get these and many more varieties on Konga and be sure to get what you need no matter how selective you are.