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Looking for the right toy for that special child in your life? Check out our array of kiddies toys available for different age range at amazing prices in Nigeria. Your newborn finds endless joy in just gazing at you but soon he’ll start to show interest in toys. But when it comes to a plaything for babies, there’s more than meets the eye. Here on Konga, you will find the right toys for your babies to keep them lively and happy. A childhood without fun and games is no childhood at all. Toys and games help children develop their concentration and imagination from a very young age. Be it puzzle games, plush toys or board games, toys are an integral part of the growing up years, let your kids learn so fast from an infant with our collection of toys. Do you know that toys are not merely playthings? Toys form the building blocks for your child’s future. They teach your children about the world and about themselves. They send messages and communicate values. And thus, wise parents think about what foundation is being laid by the toys that are given to their kids. Browse through the carefully selected toys on Konga that will not only delight your kids but will also contribute to them intellectually. Find the perfect Toys for Boys & Girls such as Dolls, Engineering Sets, Ride-on's, Bicycles and more from the best brands.

Where to Buy Children's Toys at the Lowest Prices in Nigeria

Toys help kids in developing new skills and also allow them to become more imaginative. From colourful dolls to ride-on toys, from fun puzzles to remote-control automobiles, with these toys, your child will be happily engaged for hours.  Want your child to learn new things every day? Then construction toys like building blocks and mechanics kits are perfect for your children. Not only will these toys improve their motor skills, but they will also help them become more creative. Plush toys, like a teddy bear, on the other hand, develop their imagination and become your child’s best friend. At Konga, we have endless variations of toys that will keep your child busy as you finish your work.