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Unisex perfumes are a hybrid breed of fragrances that can be worn by either sex. Where once there was simply a choice of buying either perfume for men or perfume for women, now you can buy for both – in the one bottle. The way these fragrances work is by remaining positively light and delicate – so they’re never strong or overpowering like other gender-specific scents can be. They also use gender ‘neutral’ notes like fruits and woods to achieve a perfect he/she balance. Unisex colognes interact with your pheromones and your natural body heat to give off a truly unique, personalised scent – so no two wearers will ever smell the same. Get that fascinating scent from our wide range of unisex perfumes online on Konga from known brands.

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Konga presents to you a massive selection of best unisex perfumes online. From earthy fragrances to strong and long-lasting perfumes, this category is one-stop destination to get branded unisex fragrance. The unisex perfume available here on Konga are from authentic brands. The fragrances are enduring as well as adaptable. Our perfume collection is extensive and they are available at reasonable prices. This makes Konga your one-stop shop for unisex perfume online. Whether you are looking for sublime notes such as citrus or oriental luxury notes like smoky amber in perfumes, you get it all here. We feature brands like Davidoff, Kenneth Cole, F by Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Jaguar, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, Polo, Burberry, Estee Lauder and many more, this product section caters to every choice and budget. If you are looking for unisex perfume gift sets to gift on birthdays and anniversaries, they are available in different shapes, sizes and fragrance. Also get unisex body sprays from various top brands on Konga today. So get shopping!