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UPS has become a must-have system, especially where electricity is not stable and where power cuts are experienced regularly. Power cuts slow down daily life and make it difficult for you to work, say goodbye to interruption of the power supply with the help of a UPS, choose from a wide variety of UPS on Konga available in different voltage ranging from 650VA, 1000KVA, 1.5KVA, 2000KVA and more. UPS helps to ensure that power supply to your components is not disturbed, it maintains power to PCs, servers, network equipment, audio/video equipment and computer peripherals during short power outages, and allows computer systems to safely shutdown during prolonged blackouts, obviously this is a device you need to have at home or in the office this is why we have given you a lots of options to choose from.

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UPS Systems stops the damage of power surges and filter disruptive line noise, while select models correct brownouts and over-voltages. It is apparent power failures and network downtime cost businesses a lot of money and in most cases data lost during those failures is often irrecoverable so why not avoid the unforeseen contingencies that might cost you a fortune and invest in UPS which only cost little, here at Konga our UPS and accessories are pocket friendly and durable from great brands like Blue Gate, Mercury QASA & more. Shop now on Konga and enjoy great value for your money.