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The two basic types of car speakers are coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers are usually sold in pairs and they pack multiple components, such as tweeters and woofers, into each unit. Component speakers are a separate unit for each tweeter and woofer, so you can position them in your car wherever you prefer. Other car speaker products include subwoofers, which are sold individually, rather than in pairs, and amplifiers which provide additional power to drive your speakers. Subwoofers and enclosures provide deep, rich lows and bass that give your music an authentic depth of sound. Car amplifiers can produce more power to deliver increased output and enhanced sound at greater volumes.

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A video system can be a great way to entertain passengers, kids in the back seat and a good way for the driver to pass time while the vehicle is parked. There are some additional benefits to a video system that includes a screen that’s viewable by the driver. Images from back-up and side-view cameras and images from an installed navigation system can be displayed on the screen. Just like with high-performance audio systems, you don’t have to buy a new car to get one. Get original vehicle audio and video electronics online on at the guaranteed lowest prices. Enjoy prompt delivery of your order(s) to your desired location anywhere in Nigeria when you shop with us.