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A video projector is an electronic device that takes input audio/visual signals and outputs video onto any flat surface, which is most often a white or silver colored projector screen. Video projectors make it possible to create large images without needing a similarly-sized electronic display. They are often used for larger audiences such as theaters, conferences, and presentations. Technologies commonly used in video projectors include Digital Light Projection (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS). Video projectors can use different light sources like high-pressure mercury lamps, a light emitting diode (LED), laser diode and Hybrid LED/laser diode systems.

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A video projector uses a video source input played internally on a small screen. Light is shone through the screen, then captured and focused by a lens or multiple lenses to display on a surface at a given distance. Most projectors today are digital projectors. Are you looking for where to get video projectors? Save yourself the stress of going to the physical stores when you can shop online on Konga. Explore our wide selections of video projectors online on at the lowest prices. Enjoy prompt delivery of your order to your preferred location anywhere in Nigeria.