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Women watches are real and practical and also a good example of the perfect accessories for women. You will be able to tell the time without asking anyone else and also complement your outfit wonderfully. The classic women love their watches to make them look fashionable while wearing their classic watches. If you are searching for a sleek vintage watch, then you have come to the right place on Konga. We have the pleasure to grace your view with watches from the best watch makers such as Seiko, Geneva, Fcuk, and more. You will not only find elegant and classy watches but also you will find practical and sporty watches mostly made out of rubber that you can wear for your workout and physical training sessions. When making you choice for a lady’s watch, it is important that it is not only the design and colour you should look out for but also have a practical usability search when making your choice because a watch is useless to the lady when it does not suit her style.

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Shop for the best timepiece for ladies watches on Konga. Our collection features the best of watches for women from the classic analogue watches to the contemporary watch in various designs and colours. The strap of a ladies watch mostly come in two types which includes chain which could be silver, gold and leather watches. The watches online on Konga are all high quality that has both the newest trendy designs and technological touch to it. Don’t miss out on the great things you can get with women’s watches from Konga and at the best prices in Nigeria.