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The Danfo Driver In All Of Us By Niran Adedokun

The Danfo Driver In All Of Us By Niran Adedokun

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Niran Adedokun explores the complexity of governance, the substance of stewardship and the meaning of institutional democracy. The author deploys keen insight in depicting the Nigerian condition. Only few books, using the genre of commentary journalism in recent times have come this close to this convincing testimony. This is an immense tribute to the author’s submission to the execution of honest historical accounts.

Dapo Olorunyomi, Publisher/CEO, Premium Times newspaper

The Danfo Driver in All of Us is a story of discovery for us and the nation. It offers simple but imaginative recipes to save ourselves and country from the looming scourge of “two for a kobo” emotional and physical death. It is certainly worth reading.

Layi Babatunde, SAN, Editor-in-Chief, Supreme Court Reports


The prose is compelling, and it will amuse the reader. By the time you get off this danfo ride, a wide-ranging five-year odyssey in public commentary, you might find that the more things change, the more they remain the same, and you can’t help laughing most of the time.

Azu Ishiekwene, MD/Editor-In-Chief, The Interview

In The Danfo Driver in All of Us, Adedokun has his hand on the pulse of a national psyche, drilling beyond what the ordinary eyes and mind contemplate. In these essays, the Nigerian in all of us spills into these pages psychologically, politically and socially like passengers gushing out of semi-mobile Lagos danfo bus. Adedokun gently, but firmly pricks the mentality of our rulers and the ruled that seems to be narcoleptic to maladministration, injustice and moral decay. This is a book you will discover and rediscover yourself no matter who you are.

Victor Ehikhamenor, Founder/Artist Director, Angels and Muse

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