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Computer gaming is largely about customization, giving you a vast array of hardware and accessories to choose from. Your mouse is one of the key ways you interact with your video games, so gaming mice come with a wide range of features that aren't usually found on standard mice. Some of the features to look out for when choosing a gaming mouse are: grip, additional buttons, wireless vs wired, polling and the mouse pad. If you plan on doing a lot of serious gaming, you should demand a bit more from your keyboard than a standard user would. Some features to consider when purchasing a gaming keyboard are: wired vs wireless, backlit, macro and anti-ghosting, which is a technology is designed to reduce the number of possible key combinations that can lead to ghosting. A gaming headset should be lightweight enough to be comfortable for long periods of time. Full-ear models are the most common, since they fully surround your ears to deliver quality audio and cancel out background noise.

Where to Buy Original Computer Gaming Accessories

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