Cooker Hoods & Ventilators

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Cooker Hood Ventilators

Ventilators in the kitchen is one very important kitchen appliance that is a must have. While cooking in the kitchen, there are several unhealthy gases that are released from the gas cooker or oven that could be harmful to the body system, which is why it is important to have ventilators installed so that it can take out the unwanted gas in the room and replace it with hygienic oxygen in the room. There are several top brands in our store such as the Xpelair, Manrose and more.

Cooking Hoods & Ventilators on Konga

At Konga, we also have the cooker hoods that keep the air clean as it extracts every unwanted air in the room. So save yourself the danger of choking while cooking in the kitchen as the hood extractor can measure the level of contamination in the air and would automatically adjust the speed of the fan to remove foul air and leave a long lasting fresh climate in the kitchen and besides this process also has an impact on reducing the heat generated from cookers, making more worthwhile when cooking. The ventilators are usually installed on the wall or window while the cooker hood is installed from the ceiling. You can also get cookers and ovens on Konga at really good prices. Buy now online at the best price in Nigeria.