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Accessorise your outfit with the large selection of hats and face caps we possess in our store. The collections of caps we have is for the modern man and his style. Be it the urban street style comprising of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and face cap or the classic style comprising a blazer, trousers, lace-up shoe and a hat. Whatever your style is, we got you covered at all the best prices. For the urban lovers we have baseball caps, snap back caps in all the colours and interesting prints you like. The hats also come in unique styles such as bucket hats, fedoras and more. For the best of fashion accessories, look no further than Konga online shopping mall.

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The face cap for men was originated from the American baseball game. They conquered the game with the nice face cap and was then introduced to the fashion world. Athletes have therefore influenced men with their style and now wearing for the casual moments especially during sunny days as it can also shield the sun from the face. You will get the right size, which would go perfectly with your outfit and footwear. Face caps and hats are trendy, classy, stylish and protective of the hair from sun or rain. Look out for the best designs on Konga at the best price in Nigeria.